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Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is one of the sunniest cities on the Montenegrin coast. It is full of greenery, parks and exotic vegetation. Every year at the end of January, the Mimosa Festival is held in Herceg Novi, one of the most famous and impressive cultural events in the Bay of Kotor.


Kotor is a real pearl of the Montenegrin coast and one of the most popular and favorite places in the Bay of Kotor. It is considered one of the most visited tourist attractions in Montenegro. It enchants its visitors with beautiful old stone walls and buildings, whose architecture was greatly influenced by Venice (1420-1797). The old Mediterranean port of Kotor, surrounded by city walls, is very well preserved and is under the protection of UNESCO, as a world cultural heritage.


Tivat is located in the central part of the Bay of Kotor. First of all, the city is known for its beautiful coast which is the object of adoration of yachting lovers. It has a very developed infrastructure. The sea coast of Tivat, especially near the island of St. Mark, is ideal for water skiing and other water sports. The city is very suitable for vacation, both in summer and in winter. Clean air, mild climate, lush Mediterranean vegetation will make your stay pleasant. It is the only city on the Montenegrin coast that has an airport. Peter Munk, a Canadian multibillionaire, said that Tivat will soon become one of the most famous marinas in the Mediterranean.


Budva is considered the seat of Montenegrin tourism. It attracts a large number of tourists every year. The old town is the heart of Budva, which dates back to the year 4 BC and is a beautifully preserved stone building. It is also known for its beaches, among which Mogren beach stands out. The city hosts theater performances and music festivals every summer.


Petrovac is a small, beautiful, coastal town located halfway between Budva and Bar. The city has two beautiful beaches: sandy and pebble. The main beach stretches for 800m, in the north-western part is a small harbor and the fortress Castello. The beach - Lučice - is located 500 meters southeast of the main and is 200m long. For diving lovers, two small islands opposite the beaches may be interesting.


Bar is a port city in the south of Montenegro. Merchant ships and tankers from all over the world come to port every day. Here you can feel the spirit of the past. Here you will see green orchards, olive trees, old abandoned houses covered with shrubs and streets full of national cuisine restaurants. You can enjoy the sun on the spacious beach. The coast is interesting for divers, both professionals and beginners. Do not forget to visit the fortress which has a beautiful view of the sea and the new part of town. You will also see the ruins of old houses and churches with fragments of frescoes.